building quality intelligence


What if one system can give a complete picture about your quality organization’s batch status?

  • Understand all remaining tasks required for batch closure
  • One-click to obtain the data insights
  • Meta-data to analyze and optimize your processes, better leverage the flow concepts and increase the efficiency of your quality unit

q_alizer is a cloud-based process efficiency spy that detects delays in your batch release process and resolves them with q_ our trusted undercover agent for efficient workflow management. q_ is our “cockpit” empowering your quality organization (your “pilots”) to take off and leave the competition behind.

q_alizer is leveraging state-of-the-art technology to provide data-based decision making which enables you to optimize the management of your quality workflows, enhancing efficiency and gain deeper tangible insights.

Do you struggle with delayed releases, no oversight on batches and lab processes, resource or equipment issues? All your daily struggles now belong to the past! q_ supports you to efficiently plan and run your quality unit. q_ takes you from data to insights to action!

benefits at a glance

Site Benefits

  • increased productivity
  • increased efficiency
  • Improved planning and prioritization
  • Faster batch release through flow management
  • Easy and on-time escalation
  • Align communication across departments

Technical benefits

  • E2E Batch information, one source for all
  • No manual interactions (automated data push)
  • Wide range of data sources possible (LIMS; TrackWise, Excel, SAP, etc.)
  • Easily customizable dashboards
  • Accessibility & data selection (operator vs. site head info)
  • Scalable
Data visualisation tools
Planning tools
Focus on quality organizations
Onboarding time
2 days
5 days
14 weeks
Price per month
1000 CHF
4915 CHF
not transparent
Unlimited user accounts included
KPI reporting
Easy report generation and extraction
on request
Planning tool
Connection to unlimited data sources
No data import & export restriction
Cloud Solution
Single Sign-on
Autoscaling included

where work
is fun again

Why do you need q_?

are you ready to take off and leave your competition behind? Then q_ is the right cockpit for your pilots (your quality organisation)!

Our system helps you to better manage your workflows and processes in your quality unit. Enhance your efficiency and move from a reactive way of working to a pro-active, controlled approach with the help of our data visualisation tools.

Latest status, KPI reporting and insights on your data by just a click of a button. q_alizer fully empowers your organisation to steer your journey!

q_ creates interactive charts that visualize your batches, samples and workflows with one click of a button
q_ provides you an immediate understanding of the dynamics and complexity of your quality unit
q_ 's KPI function supports you to get a clear evaluation of the performance of your lab
q_ enables you to proactively plan your quality workflows with our E-whiteboard, always plan ahead to avoid capacity issues!


Our state of the art technology and expert service helps you to bring about the entire power of your lab. Click here to learn more on our modules and how they can help you to improve your processes and efficiency.

Understand your organization

  • Throughput Rates & Bottlenecks
  • Throughput Time & Performance
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Understand Portfolio Complexity to steer your Quality Unit
  • Your customizable dashboard
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Improve your organization

  • Intelligence Score with insights and improvement recommendations
  • Benchmark comparison with best-in-class industry leaders and similar quality organizations
  • AI based pattern recognition
  • Debottlenecking via state-of-the-art OE tools
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Run your organization

  • Demand based Planning Engine
  • E-Whiteboard
  • Deviation Whiteboard
  • Strategic Load Leveling
  • WIP based scenario simulation
  • Capacity planner based on shown performance​
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Connect your organization

  • Easy integration with all common Systems (LIMS, Excel, etc.)
  • Chat & comment functionality
  • Easy reporting capability (ppt, xls, csv, etc.)
  • Real live information transfer from planning and production
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Certain features are currently under development. Check the roadmap for further information.


q_ is your one-stop shop cloud-based platform that provides you with immediate business value by transforming data into deeper insights and tangible actions. Leveraging state of the art technology, q_ will support you to better organize your quality organization’s and Release processes and to transform the way of working from reactive firefighting to a pro-actively structured and more efficient approach. q_ is making your life easier by solving your lab problems while you can focus on what you are doing best - running tests and releasing batches to ultimately save patients’ lives.

Good question! There are several reasons why q_ is the best partner in crime for you.

  1. q_ is a state-of-the-art software and offers a fantastic support, which is hard to find somewhere else
  2. Our onboarding process is as easy as it can get - you fill out two documents, make your data available to us and the rest we’ll take over for you. This is why in less than a day, you’ll be able to work productively on q_
  3. We have a team of amazing experts in the area of Lean Lab and Lean Management as well as Software Engineering
  4. Our modules provide you with all capabilities you need in order to run your lab efficiently.
  5. q_ will be tailored to your needs, you tell us what you need and we customize it for you
  6. Our change management approach helps your organization to onboard on q_ easily.
  7. Your data can be enriched by additional data sources.
  8. Our meta dashboards allow insights to all levels of your batch release.

We offer plug and play in less than a day!

Our servers are in Swiss data centers. q_ is a Software as a Service on a protected google cloud solution. Your data is always safe whether in rest or in transit. q_ offers state of the art security and no one besides q_ and yourself will have access to your data.

There is a support team that can be reached almost around the clock to make sure that q_ is always there for you

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Onboarding process

Our (on)boarding is as user friendly as our system, you won’t lose any time getting started on q_. We work with as little master data as possible → plug and play in less than a day!

  • Ready for take off? - Contact us here!
  • Together with our crew, define your specific cockpit requirements
  • Receive the official q_alizer offer
  • Make sure you have budget to fly the plane
  • Get the Purchase Order going
  • Kick off meeting with your team
  • Data set up (plug & play in less than a day!)
  • Data review with your team
  • time to buckle your seat belts…
  • …and take off!

No worries, our experienced support and change management crew is with you on this journey, together we’ll find the right solution for your organization and bring back the fun and focus to your work.

next destinations

We are striving for constant improvement and are putting all our efforts into continuously developing q_alizer to give you the best possible experience. We have some exiting features lined up for the next few months. Here is an overview of what to expect:



q_ takes you from data to insights to action! Get in-depth insights thanks to brand-new Metaboard. Manage your batch release process more efficiently by gaining immediate overview end-to-end over your entire batch release. Boost your productivity by connecting all dots necessary and take your decisions empowered by q-alizer's data insights.


Batch record review board

Our new BRR board helps you to easily keep the oversight of your entire batch record review process.


Lab Intelligence Score

Get a clear and easy understanding where your lab is underperforming. Identify bottlenecks easily and see your lab improving week by week.


Integration with third party systems

q_ alizer will soon provide integration with your prefered third party systems, e.g. MS teams, fabriq, etc.


Goal Setting

Soon you'll be able to track your individualized batch release goals in q-alizer which will help you to more efficiently achieve your targets.


To be revealed shortly

Our agent is working hard to. uncover the lates feature of q_.



Our agent is working hard to. uncover the lates feature of q_.


We offer transparent and demand-based pricing


is unique - not one size fits all

Transparency is important to us! Our pricing plans are set up based on your demands. You can start enjoying q_alizer without worrying much about costs. Just choose the features relevant to your organization and only pay for these. We don't charge per use or user as we believe that the whole team should have access to insights any time.​​Intrigued to meet q_? Contact us to request a demo or get a personalized quote now!

Calculate your return on investment

Curious to find out how much costs your organisation can save by using q_, use our slider to find out.

Your potential savings
CHF 118,000

* Based on qualitative interviews we found out that an organization saves between 1 and 20 hours per week averaging at 2.5 hours per person while using q_ instead of standardardized software.


Happy Users


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's Crew

Our team consists of passionate LeanLab and Life Science experts and highly-skilled software engineers, who work hard to make your life easier. Our vision for q_ is to help you solve your hurdles in your quality organization, so that you can focus on what you are doing best. Are you passionate about LeanLab and improving quality organizations? Then you might be a great addition for q_'s team. Drop us a message and we'll get back to you.

Fabio Oro

Fabio has been working as Lean Lab consultant at Meocon for several years. He came up with the inital idea of q_alizer aiming to make Lean Lab more efficient.

Britta Schweinlin

Britta is the voice behind q_, she is also responsible for operational and cultural aspects in our team. Before joining q_, she led change management initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dominique Schuwey

Previous to joining Q_alizer, Dominique worked for Panter as a Software Architect and Senior Engineer. His passion is to vizualize data and make q_ as user-friendly as possible.

Juri Sarbach

Juri previously worked for an AI and Machine Learning startup. He writes the backend for Q_alizer and joined as our AI specialist.

Beat Seeliger

As a Co-Founder of Panter and Q_alizer Beat is the orchestrator behind the scenes. As our compliance expert, he ensues projects are running smoothly and are timely delivered.


q_alizer is a Swiss based start-up founded in 2020 by Meocon GmbH and Panter AG. Both companies have extensive experience in successfully executing LeanLab or digital projects for customers in the life science industry.