q_ - the perfect partner to improve your processes and efficiency!

Behind q_ there is a team of experts from the life science industry, software engineering as well as #leanlab and #leanprinciple consultants. Years of experience partnered up with extensive knowledge of the daily struggles of quality organizations is our proven strategy to make your quality unit thrive.

In order to get the best out of your unit, q_ is tackling the following 4 principles to boost your efficiency and optimize your quality organization’s processes thereby enhancing the overall performance of your teams.

Understand your lab

The foundation of your journey on q_ is the understanding of what is really going on in your quality organization. The better your understanding, the better your teams’ performance and output rate.

The earlier you identify potential bottlenecks, the more pro-active you can solve the problems they are creating. Understanding the importance of your throughput time and portfolio complexity puts you on the forefront of mastering a best-in-class workflow management. q_ and team will guide you on how to interpret those critical numbers to better steer your quality unit and improving your workflows and processes.

Q_’s interactive dashboards are not only customizable but will give you an immediate overview of everything that is going on in your unit. q_ will help you to find a solution no matter what your question of interest is – how many samples come in? what is my current WIP? Are we on track with our batch releases? With the click of a button, you’ll gain all the data you need to better inform your decisions and allow your quality unit to meet their objectives.

Higher throughput times will increase Work in Progress (WIP), increasing the pressure to deliver on-time, leading to changes in priorities, leading to errors, higher utilization, etc.

Improve your lab

Q_ is leveraging the power of AI to provide you with tailored recommendations to solve your problems and improve your quality unit’s output. The team is currently developing an intelligence score - imagine a fitbit sleep tracker giving you an overall score of your sleep quality - similarly q_’s intelligence score will serve as an indicator for you to understand how well your lab is currently performing. Furthermore, not only will you get a result but q_ also suggests areas for improvement to further enhance efficiency and meet your objectives.

Are you curious to see where your organization stands in comparison to competitors? q_ will allow you to do a benchmark comparison with industry leaders and similar organizations, so you can learn from their best practices. Of course, our LeanLab experts are there to support you to better leverage the power of these new data insights. They will guide you how to step-by-step take necessary actions to improve your organization and remove any potential blockers that prevent your unit from being amongst the best practice examples in Life Sciences.

Run your lab

One of the most crucial aspects of a successful quality unit is a good planning approach. A clear and detailed plan for the week is key to pro-actively and efficiently execute your daily work. The better the planning, the more accurate the work can be executed. Q_’s planning module equips coordinators and planners to thoroughly plan workforce as well as equipment. Our planning tool is easily maneuverable and gives clear oversight over a planned schedule. Assign people, add comments or even color code your planning items – q_ makes planning fun again.

Understanding the concept of a “healthy” WIP and how it can improve your unit’s performance is crucial in a quality organization. q_ is supporting you hereby in two different ways.

Our experts will be with you on this journey, providing their knowledge and training to your organization empowering them to better handle workload and proactively organize your weekly schedules.

One of the pioneers in Queuing, John D. Little has developed this simple formula for the relationship of Work in Progress (WIP) and the Throughput Time (TpT) of the individual piece of work.

Throughput Time (TpT) =
Amount of Work in Progress (WIP)
Average Completion Rate (TpR)

The more Work in Progress the longer the Lead Time – for a stable system there is a linear relationship between lead time and WIP.

Connect your lab

Quick and easy communication is critical to operate efficiently. q_ allows real-time communication within the system by offering a comment function on each of our module levels. If you want to add a comment on one of your workflow items to provide necessary information to your colleagues, you can easily do so within q_. Furthermore, q_ is providing integrations to all major third-party communications tools, such as MS Teams, Outlook etc.

If you want to extract information from q_ in order to prepare weekly reports for management or further share it amongst colleagues, q_ allows you to export data in your preferred format. Are you used to working in excel? Not a problem, just click on the export into excel button and download the information you require. The same is of course possible for csv, ppt and other data formats. This feature also enables you to leverage speed and transparency. Within minutes you can create reports which before required hours of preparation. No more need to build graphs by yourself or put in efforts into generating detailed overviews for reporting purposes. Now all this information is available by the click of a button. Try it, you’ll be surprised how quickly q_ is creating reports for you!

We believe in co-creation to identify the best approach for our customers. To us, all our customers are unique thus we tailor our system and services to each customers’ distinct needs.